Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift to Refuge in your will has the power to transform lives.

Refuge is committed to a world where domestic violence is not tolerated or ignored. By remembering Refuge in your will you can help secure a future in which women and children can live in safety – free from fear.

How do I leave a gift to Refuge in my will?

There are several ways in which you can leave a legacy gift to Refuge. A residuary gift (i.e. a percentage of your estate) will help make the biggest difference to Refuge’s work, because it will keep up with inflation and retain its value better than a fixed sum of money.  However, we are grateful for all donations, large and small.

Download our step-by-step legacy guide and read our helpful glossary of terms.

If you would like to add a gift to Refuge to an existing will, you can do so easily by using a codicil. A codicil is a supplement that allows additions or changes to be made to a will.

If you have made more than one will, it is important that your codicil relates to your most recent will.

Please consult a professional when making a codicil. You can find a solicitor in your area through the Law Society or by calling 020 7242 1222.

Any further questions?

We are aware that leaving a gift in your will is a very important decision to make and we are more than happy to further discuss any queries you may have.

Please contact with your queries or to request an information pack by post. You can also send us a message using our online form.