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Save a life, change a life

Just 33p a day from your small change could help a woman escaping domestic violence find safety in one of our refuges.

We help thousands of women and children through our network of refuges each year. Your support could mean the end to months or years of violence for a woman, or the end to a child witnessing the trauma of domestic abuse. By giving just over 33p a day (£10 a month), you can give them the opportunity to build a safe and independent life free from domestic violence.

So please, Support a Stay today.

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Every single resident in our refuges is given expert support both emotionally and practically throughout their stay. Our refuge staff help with:

  • Safety planning
  • Finding a safe new home
  • Finding nurseries and schools
  • Accessing health services
  • Accessing local community and cultural services
  • Gaining legal advice including accompanying women to court
  • Budgeting and welfare benefits
  • Training, education and employment

By joining Support a Stay you will be helping Refuge deliver its life-changing and life-saving services which could give women and children a safe room in one of our network of refuges. By donating just over 33p a day (£10 a month), your money could help us keep our refuges running.

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