impact bannerOur impact and evidence

Refuge prides itself on the high quality of its services. Refuge has developed its own bespoke casework management tool, IMPACT, which has a built-in outcomes framework. IMPACT means we can demonstrate – at the touch of a button – exactly what each client has achieved with specialist support from Refuge, from when they first enter the service to when they exit.

Thanks to Refuge’s extensive data, we know that:

  • 96% of our clients report feeling safer at the point of leaving our services
  • 92% say their quality of life has improved
  • 76% see an end to all physical abuse
  • For every £1 invested in Refuge’s specialist services, a woman, her family and society at large reaps a         social reward equivalent to £4.94

impact 180 x 328IMPACT website

IMPACT enables Refuge to document the full story of the abuse a woman has experienced, record the type of support she is given and – crucially – the outcomes she has been supported to achieve. Through IMPACT, we are able to demonstrate that our specialist services do not just save lives, they change lives. Visit the IMPACT website for more on what makes our system unique.

SROI happy 180 x328Refuge’s ‘social return’

NEF Consulting’s independent evaluation* to determine the ‘social return on investment’ (SROI) of Refuge’s services found that for every £1 invested, Refuge’s clients, their families and society at large receives a reward equivalent to £8.24. This is nearly double the value created compared to the 2016 NEF evaluation. The total social value generated by Refuge’s specialist services is estimated to be £86 million per year. Read the press release here.