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Our supporter promise

Your donation will be used to fund our vital work with women and children escaping domestic violence throughout the year.

We promise to always use your funds responsibly and in the most effective way to ensure we can continue to provide our life-saving and life-changing services.

If you request to receive our updates, we will keep you up-to-date with the charitable work you are supporting as well as other ways you can get involved. You can stop or start receiving our communications, or change how you hear from us at any time by contacting the fundraising team.

We will never sell or swap your personal data and will only use your details in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Supporter promise policy

  1. Your donation is your decision. At Refuge, we rely on income from our supporters to provide our life-saving and life-changing services to survivors escaping domestic and other forms of gender violence. That’s why we encourage people to make a donation to Refuge if they’re able to. But we also recognise it’s your decision and you need to make it in your own time.
  2. We will always respect your privacy. Your donations are completely personal to you. We adhere to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).
  3. We will never sell or swap your details. Any information you give us will be kept confidential. We’ll never pass on your details to a third party to use in the course of their own business activities.
  4. We will keep you updated. We want you to feel connected to the work your support is making possible. If you want to receive updates from us, we will regularly let you know about how you’re helping to change people’s lives.
  5. We will use your donation carefully. We make sure we’re as cost effective as possible, so your donation can have the greatest impact for people.
  6. We will act quickly. If people acting on our behalf fail to meet our high standards, we’ll always take appropriate action.
  7. We will check with you first. We will always check that we are allowed to contact you by phone before we call. If you have registered with the Telephone Preference Service, we won’t contact you unless you have given us your phone number and your permission for us to use it. We will call you to tell you what’s new and how you could help. It’s nice to speak to you now and again, but we’ll never call you more than twice a year.
  8. We will respect your wishes. If you tell us you don’t want to hear from us again, or want to hear from us less, this can be changed at any point by contacting Supporter Care.


How we use a £1 donation

For every £1 of voluntary income that Refuge receives, 79 pence goes directly to our charitable activities. The rest goes towards governance, administration costs and enabling us to raise vital income in the future.

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Improving our supporter services

Refuge works hard to maintain high standards across all of its areas of work, but we recognise that we can sometimes get things wrong, despite our best intentions.

We would welcome your feedback, so that we can work to improve the service we offer you in the future. Refuge values and takes seriously any feedback that is provided.

If you have any questions or concerns about your donation, would like to request a copy of the Refuge complaints procedure, or would prefer not to hear from us in the future please contact the fundraising team.