The ‘3P’ philosophy

Refuge wants to live in a world where domestic violence no longer exists. There is no one solution to ending domestic violence, and no one agency can do it alone. That is why Refuge has adopted a three-tiered approach: the ‘3Ps’ of protection, prevention and provision.

It is the combination of all of these things – rather than any in isolation – that will reduce violence and protect women.

Domestic violence is a crime and must be treated as seriously as any other crime. Refuge advocates for:

  • Better implementation of the laws that protect women
  • Police arresting and charging perpetrators to show them that their actions have serious consequences
  • The courts convicting and sentencing perpetrators appropriately

Abused women and children will always need places of safety, and intensive support to rebuild their lives following the trauma of abuse. That is why Refuge:

  • Provides a national network of specialist services that support more than 6,000 women and children on any given day
  • Takes an integrated approach, co-coordinating with other services and agencies to ensure no woman falls through the gaps
  • Campaigns for more services and sustainable funding for existing services

Raising awareness of domestic violence – and its root cause – is vital in preventing future violence. That is why Refuge:

  • Runs national, award-winning awareness-raising campaigns, which educate the public on domestic violence and show women experiencing abuse that they are not alone
  • Trains professionals who come into contact with abused women, including police officers, doctors, social workers and midwives
  • Works to end inequality between the sexes, which is the root cause of domestic violence

How is Refuge enacting its 3Ps?

Here you will find quarterly updates which detail what Refuge is doing across all three of strands of its work – protection, provision and prevention.