More Refuge campaigns

Archers thank you April 2016 328The Archers and Refuge

When The Archers’ character Helen Titchener began experiencing violence from her husband Rob, Refuge supporter Paul Trueman set up a Fund to support Helen – and raise money for real-life survivors. Find out more here.

Call for a public inquiry

Too often, the police and other state agencies fail to protect women and children experiencing domestic violence. Together with a families who have lost loved ones to domestic homicide, Refuge called on the Government to open a public inquiry.

You are not alone - JameliaYou are not alone

Women who experience domestic violence often feel extremely isolated. Refuge teamed up with ITV’s Loose Women and presenter Jamelia, who experienced domestic violence, on a campaign which tells women: you are not alone.

Mirror piece - taking livesTaking lives

Every day almost 30 women attempt suicide as a result of experiencing domestic violence. For this campaign, Refuge supporter Wendy Turner Webster presented a powerful documentary on the issue of liability for suicide.

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