Taking lives

  • That every day almost 30 women attempt suicide as a result of experiencing domestic violence
  • That every week three women take their own lives to escape abuse
  • That there is currently no ‘liability for suicide’ law under which an abusive partner can be prosecuted for the suicide of their victim?

Refuge is campaigning for a new ‘liability for suicide’ law. This law would hold perpetrators of domestic violence responsible for behaviour that drives their victims to suicide. You can sign the petition here.

Documentary thumbThe documentary

As part of the campaign, Refuge supporter Wendy Turner Webster presented a powerful documentary on the issue of liability for suicide. The documentary, shown below, follows the story of Gurjit “Gurda” Dhaliwal, who took her own life after suffering years of violent abuse at the hands of her husband.

Gurda’s story

Gurda’s brother Nav says: “My beloved sister experienced years of mental and physical abuse at the hands of her violent husband. I was sickened when he was acquitted by the court. Perpetrators of domestic violence don’t receive punishment for behaviour that drives women to suicide.”

Mirror piece Carla thumbCarla’s story

Carla Dunphy-Clarkson took her life aged 22, after experiencing domestic violence. Her note read: “He killed me”. Her sister Terri has joined Refuge’s call. Terri says: “I want the law to be changed. Not just for Carla but for all the other victims and their families.” You can read Carla’s story in the Daily Mirror here.