banner image 695 x 258Commitment to quality

  • 96% of clients say they feel safer at the point of leaving Refuge’s services
  • 92% say their quality of life had improved
  • 76% reported an end to all physical violence

Refuge has pioneered services to support women and children experiencing domestic violence for more than four and a half decades. Refuge understands the diverse and complex needs of women and their children – and we are experts in the dynamics of domestic violence and women’s broader experiences of gender based violence.

Our deep commitment to an individual’s needs is at the centre of our organisation – it is the starting point for every decision we make. Refuge does not just follow best practice; it creates best practice. Refuge helped to design the first National Occupational Standards for domestic violence, which set out the specialised knowledge and skills needed to deliver the highest-quality support. We then developed these standards into Ofqual-accredited qualifications, demonstrating what best practice looks like on the ground.

This knowledge is integrated into every operational role at Refuge. Refuge’s wealth of experience – alongside the intelligence we have gathered from the more than 50,000 anonymised cases we hold on our unique database, IMPACT – means that everything we do is evidence-led.

We are able to improve constantly and innovate our services based on what we know works, adapting to the dynamic needs of those we support. We are also able to demonstrate that our services offer excellent social return on investment.

mts_bsi_logo_iso_9001 150In 2010 Refuge became the first domestic violence organisation in the country to be awarded the internationally-recognised ISO 9001 certificate by the British Standards Institute. The British Standards Institute judged that Refuge operates a quality management system for its network of services which complies with the high standards of the ISO 9001 qualification. The ISO 9001 demonstrates that the processes and procedures Refuge uses to deliver its specialist services are robust, consistent and systematic, and that Refuge constantly strives for continuous improvement. In February 2017, Refuge underwent a review by the British Standards Institute. For the third consecutive year, the BSI’s independent auditors passed Refuge in all respects with no non-conformities whatsoever.


training 320 x 180Our staff are our most valuable resource. Refuge continues to ensure that all frontline workers, including volunteers, receive a comprehensive package of specialist training on a wide range of issues, from the law and immigration, to support around substance misuse, to risk assessment and safety planning. In 2015-16, Refuge delivered over 68 training sessions to approximately 140 members of staff, who attended an average of four courses each.

Refuge staff also train professionals in their local communities on how to respond appropriately to domestic violence, including GPs, social services, teachers and police officers. For more information on receiving training from Refuge, email

IMPACT 328Refuge prides itself on the high quality of its services. Refuge has developed its own bespoke casework management tool, IMPACT, which has a built-in outcomes framework. IMPACT means we can demonstrate – at the touch of a button – exactly what each client has achieved with specialist support from Refuge, from when they first enter the service to when they exit.

Find out more about IMPACT via the Refuge IMPACT website.

IMPACT 328 x 180In 2016, NEF Consulting undertook an independent evaluation to determine the ‘social return on investment’ (SROI) of Refuge’s specialist services. Through analysing IMPACT data, NEF Consulting found that for every £1 invested, Refuge’s clients, their families and society at large receives a reward equivalent to £4.94. Refuge also saves the State £5.9 million a year across the health and criminal justice systems. Read the summary here, and the full report here.


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